howdy, I'm Hannah!

I am a portrait and product photographer, as you may know! I get to “puzzle piece,” as I call it, and create beautiful images for brands and people every day. Every puzzle piece matters— from the location, the wardrobe, to the models, the props, the way it’s perfectly styled or perfectly messy, the pattern of a dish cloth, just the right coffee table book, a funky pair of socks- all of it. I love what I do and still get giddy when I see my photos as ads, posted on your Instagram feed, or website!

Self-taught and currently based in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas, I've been photographing ever since I was little! I've always been fascinated by the colors, textures, and stories the world has to offer. That same fascination has carried on into my current works, often described as having a "in the moment", dream-like, retro, and evocative feel to it.

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